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Catherine's Philosophy

Trust + Aesthetics + Expertise = a naturally beautiful you!

MY MISSION: Beauty is individual, and everyone possesses beauty. I help each Patient realize and maintain their best, most natural, and confident self. Realizing your natural beauty and achieving your aesthetic goal is my main objective, and I employ all the tools and resources available to help you get there. Maintaining your best self well into your yonder years is absolutely real! I have built my career helping people just like you accomplish just that...natural and beautiful results!

TRUST: My work is founded entirely on trust. You trust me with your face, and I commit to honoring that trust by delivering nothing but exceptional results. By keeping pace with the rapidly changing world of aesthetics, I can weed through the overwhelming options by identifying the best resources on the market and extracting the best products and solutions specifically catered to you. If I feel you may need treatments that I cannot provide, whether surgical or a device that I do not offer, I will direct you properly and help you weigh your options.

AESTHETICS: My work spotlights your face, and your face communicates so much... Aesthetic treatments are a wonderful tool for maintaining and enhancing just that. When implemented precisely, injectables will accentuate your best features and improve your least favorite, enhancing your natural beauty and leaving you with the best version of yourself... radiating confidence!

EXPERTISE: My work is centered on cutting edge skills and a well-honed eye, both of which are critical when using injectables. Matching the skills with an eye for balance and facial structure gives nothing but exceptional results. I maintain my skills, study faces, and hold myself to the highest standard so that when you trust me with your face, I can pledge to honor that trust with expertise.

BEAUTIFUL YOU: My work is the culmination of our personal communication and collaboration. To achieve your aesthetic goals, I have to understand them. I then employ my 13 years of aesthetic medicine practice to create a treatment plan custom-tailored to you. We will discuss the different anti-aging modalities and approach the next steps at your pace when you are ready. If you are ready here and now, we can jump right in! If you need to process my suggested treatment plan, we can start next week, next month, or next year - I am always here. While I encourage a preventative approach to age, which is optimized by starting sooner rather than later, I will not pressure you. My work celebrates your natural beauty, and often clients come to me with hesitation from having seen other results with far too obvious injections. Overuse and misuse of injectables come from working with an injector who lacks skills or aesthetics, or both. However, when properly employed, injectables leave a beautiful and natural result. Nobody will know you had anything done, but everyone will be struck by how incredible you look. In fact, when you see someone looking fabulous without any help, I would bet they have had a bit of help from the right injector!

NOTE FROM CATHERINE: I practice what I practice. Literally! I was 39 when I made the transition from acute care to aesthetic medicine. By that time, my skin was stressed and showing its age, and then some! Years of lifeguarding in college with little to no SPF, followed by years of sunbathing in my 20’s and 30’s had taken its toll. My skin was looking less sun-kissed goddess and more sun-damaged! It was then I decided to take action. I started using Retin A, Vitamin C, and medical-grade skincare. I also started using Botox and fillers and skin tightening treatments, micro-needling with PRP and LED light therapy. I also did a series of Fraxel and IPL treatments to reverse my superficial sun damage. All of these treatments combined helped to take years off of my face and reversed my aging. Then I was sideswiped at 46 when I was diagnosed with a rare uterine leiomyosarcoma (don’t google it, it’s really depressing) that required a hysterectomy, which threw me into early menopause. As I lost my hormones, I gained a deep appreciation for my pre-emptive beauty treatments, which were critical in sparing my skin through the intense physical and biological changes. Don’t get me wrong, my face is not perfect, but perfection is not an attainable objective. The objective is to look like yourself by turning back time and feeling confident and radiant in your renewed skin. I want you to stay true to your aesthetic, as I have stayed true to mine.